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Meet Our Managing Principal

To our friends, who landed on El Ritmo page, BIENVENIDOS, Welcome!

My name is Valeria Alonso Managing Principal proprietor of El Ritmo South American Dance. Born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, at the age of 10, my parents decided to move to Australia, and what a beautiful and opportune place it’s been to live in and to achieve my goals and dreams.

Witha a passion in dancing since the time I learnt to talk and walk, I listened to the rhythms of Latin music which flows through my veins and absolutely fell in love with! At a very young age, I remember locking myself in my bedroom dancing in front of my bed pretending I was performing in front of a massive audience. It wasn’t until my school years, I began dancing at school performances. In every showcase, I was always picked to be the leader of the group dancing in front of hundreds of people! 

Growing up in a family which had an artistic flair, my grandma (Abuela) was a dressmaker, my granddad played the fisarmonica and loved to dance the Argentinian Tango. I remember admiring the beautiful Argentinian costumes my grandma used to make for me and my sisters, I still remember the amazing traditional dresses, dance outfits and costumes she used to make for us to perform in. Her creativity was amazing!

Dancing has been in my blood from my early childhood years, when I dance gracefully nothing else matters. I was very fortunate to study theatre from the age of 7 in Argentina, that opened me to the world of creativity, self-expression and imagination.

When I arrived in Adelaide, Australia, a friend from Colombia introduced me to a number of South American dances such as “Salsa”. Salsa is one of Colombia’ s cultural dance. I fell in love with the Colombian culture of its dance, and its music! Yet in Adelaide, there was no Academy for children to be taught how to dance Salsa.

So once again I practiced in my bedroom in front of the mirror, learning to dance to the steps and to the music of Salsa. At the age of 18, I began my professional Salsa & Samba training with La Bomba Production, that lead me to participate in many shows, festivals and events. I fell more and more in love with Latin dance, music and the South American cultures. it was at the age of 21, I decided to become a Latin & Ballroom professional dancer competing   for Dancesport Australia and was recognised for a number of awards.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Sports & Recreation Management from University of South Australia has given me the opportunity to work with dance and understand the body movement. Privileged to be given the opportunity to work with children and to deliver a number of dance programs under the Active After School Scheme. From there onwards, I began my ambition and journey to teach children how to dance.

In 2016, I decided to open my own dance academy El Ritmo, to reconnect children with the “art” of the world we live in – The “Art of Culture”. “El Ritmo” in Spanish means “The Rhythms”, defined as the rhythm of the soul. It is a vital impulse, principle and fundamental to the wellbeing. It gives energy that causes the body and the mind to move.

Our Mission is to be the world’s number one South America Dance Academy, to connect children to the magic ingredients of Latin Culture. El Ritmo aims to make their dreams real whilst contributing and making the world a better place leaving its own unique legacy aiming to instill 3 keys of  Love, Play and Dream.

You and your child are welcome to the world of El Ritmo, let’s get excited as we begin the journey together, don’t forget to always:

Take El Ritmo,
in your heart
Make El Ritmo,
so complete
Take El Ritmo,
to your feet
It makes your,
Ritmo so unique

Believe in you and let your Dreams come true!
With Love
From Miss Valeria Alonso



Why El Ritmo?

Our Purpose is to reconnect children with the art of this world, “Culture”, in a peaceful, fun and joyful way.
Our Mission is to be the world’s number one Academy to connect children to the magic ingredients of Latin Culture throughout Australia.

El Ritmo DNA

“Meet Our Sparkles”
  • 1.Be a Great Collaborator.

    Your child discovers Friendship, Laughter and Faith. Making leaders of tomorow to collaborate with one another.

  • 2. Be a dreamer.

    A place of adventures where your child learns to love, to play and to dream. Begin a journey together as we go after our dreams in an environment that inspires and enables your child to do their life’s best work moving towards our vision.

    3. Be Positive, Have a “We did it” attitude.

    Providing the highest standars in teaching Latin and Spanish dance and cultural education for all children. Get excited to share each others stories, understanding, helping and developing each others skills.

  • 4.Be an Inspiration.

    When you enter the world of El Ritmo you are on a journey that requires you to always strive to be your best self. Love to live and feel admired.

  • 5. Be HUmble and Compassionate.

    Respecting everybody. Within the team, your child speak to everybody with the same level of respect and compassion. Teachers can truly relate and emphasise the path of the journey our students are on, respecting where they are and how they are feeling, while compassionately shining a light on the path forward. We care.

    6. Be vibrant, have wellness to your Mind and body.

    Achieving higher level of Self-Love. Your child finds the deepest and greatest gift that enables their personal growth and evolution.

  • 7. Be Engage, you are here enjoy the Journey.

    We love what we do, and it shows. Empowering children to rethink what they are capable of. When we stay connected, we smile, we laugh, we have so much fun and together we Grow!

  • 8. Be prepare, to give back to the Community.

    It is because of you, who I am today – From Valeria Alonso.