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Grace, El Ritmo Mum

“My son loves his Saturday dance class. In less than a year he has grown from a shy boy to the next Bruno Mars; very confident to perform in public. Valeria is an amazing teacher! She’s passionate and able to create quick connections with every child, inspiring them to try out and have fun. Thank you Valeria and El Ritmo, wish you many more years to come!”

Claire, El Ritmo Mum

“My children run up the stairs with enthusiasm to be greeted by fantastic music and Val’s warm smile. The music, culture and fun is always found in their lessons”

El Ritmo Student

“El Ritmo is my life”

Sandra, El Ritmo Mum

“El Ritmo builds confidence, feeds passion for dance and life. 100% recommended”

Angelica, El Ritmo Mum

“El Ritmo, is a wonderful place where your children learn playing, Valeria is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience in the subject and eager to teach with love and respect which shows in each class, my daughter and I recommend this academy to all children who want to enjoy good music and the best company”