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Teacher: – Children Hispanic Fiesta is coming up soon, so get your best Hispanic outfit and come to school dress up to celebrate this amazing culture!

One of the best things about being in a multicultural classroom is being able to celebrate culture events from countries around the world. Having the chance to celebrate these events in a fun way brings appreciation among students and help students of each nationality feel represented in a safe and compassion way. 

One of the biggest issues in Australia in stereotyping. Unhealthy relationships and culture of division that causes unwanted judgement towards our students. For this reason, being exposed in a multicultural classroom activity like “Dressing up” to celebrate a culture is the best way to built empathy in our classrooms.

Let’s take a look at Southern Vale Christian College Hispanic Fiesta, on Friday 26th of July,  El Ritmo took part of their Spanish language celebration.  Where their students come to school wearing a costume representing the Latin & Spanish culture; for examples, some wore Zorro Hats, Flamenco Dresses or even a giant Taco outfit.

This may appear to you as just “students need to come to school wearing an outfit”. However, this “dress up” activity goes beyond that just playing because is developing a child’s brain in more ways than you can imagine. As we early childhood educator knows, play is the work of the child and the benefit cognitively, physically, socially and emotional through dress up play.

Dress- up engages your child’s brain and memory.
Dress- up builds language vocabulary.
Dress- up helps a child with their emotional development. Children process their fears through play, which helps them make sense of the world, and overcome their feeling of helplessness.

When a child engages in culture through role play, it helps them see the world through another eyes which increases empathy, imagination and develops interest of others.

“Celebrating culture through role play, music and dance brings happiness to our children” – Valeria Alonso

This way it brings a positive climate to your classroom allowing them to share about other cultures through excitement!  Why playing “Dress up” can be a great way to celebrate language & culture for Australian Children Our dance programs can help build your child tolerance, curiosity and respect for others. The more a child engages in being more aware of other cultures, the more able they will be to recognize the beauty of diversity!